Friday, 30 October 2015

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum
Whainga ako: Write a recount.

2 weeks ago whanau Whakaiti came to school at 5:30 in the morning and then we got in to our groups and waited till 6:00. It was dark and cold there were seven vans we took off at 6:00. We all hopped on a van each of us were on a van. Once we left we stopped in at wellsford we had a little lunch then we took off to Auckland. Once we got there we all put on our k.w.s T - shirts. We all had to stick together and wait.

At Auckland museum it was huge it was so awesome we went to every thing and we seen a marae and we seen a waka. The waka was long and it was fun when we went into the marae. In the marae we seen some carvings and we went into a volcano room it was pretty cool when the ground shak Tommy almost fell over. I scared Tommy he got a fright. Then we got to see some fake sharks there were 3 sharks. Then my group went in to the Minecraft we took some photos in there it was cool in minecraft there were some goggles in minecraft. my best part was in minecraft it was cool.File:Auckland Museum Main

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