Monday, 2 November 2015

Best day at school

Last year room 12 had the best movie dinner night because we achieved our goals our goals were Matatini and aroha. First we had to go and wait outside and I  had my ball it was cool me Bay,Alga-Jean,Keah,Nare,Tamlyn,Hura,Tanekaha,Khan,Whaea Sabrina,Nellie,Kyra-Leiana,Whaea Sabrina’s mum,Tylah,Patrick,Whaea Erin,Toko,Zhiren,Tommy,Robbie, and Tanekaha was playing. Tk was kings and I was out then Alga-jean got out and I was in ones then Keah got Tk out.

Then Whaea Sabrina called out so we lined up to wait to go inside then we had to get some pizza chips and a drink. We watched cloudy chance of meatballs 2. Then we went to play netball it was all right. Then we went to play another movie after that some people went to hide blocks we had to find them with glow sticks. after that we got pick up form our mum or dad.

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